Your secure transaction partner, ensuring safe and convenient refuelling solutions.

Leverage AI for data-driven refuelling decisions, optmising effeciency.

Streamline the management of sub-contractor refuelling operations.

Managing both on-road and homebase refuelling within a single, centralised platform.

Buy bulk fuel via your TFN Dashboard, enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive fuel supply solution.


TFN Network

With a comprehensive depot network, TFN ensures you have reliable access to quality fuel, as well as non-fuel products and services, wherever you are. We connect you to convenience and reliability.

Your Best Price (Refuel2Save)

Discover savings like never before, thanks to our unique fuel pricing structure tailored to your needs. Your savings, your strategy, your prosperity.

TFN Fuel Management System

Our system offers precision fuel management, allowing you to take full control of your on-road refuelling operations. Your control, your efficiency, your growth.

South Africa's First and Leading FuelAI Technology

Leverage the power of business intelligence with our FuelAI technology, providing data-driven insights to optimize your fuel efficiency and reduce costs for enhanced operational performance.

We’ve got your on-road refuelling needs covered, with your entire refuelling journey in mind.



Simplify your on-road spending. Experience hassle-free payments with TFN Pay, our secure and convenient payment solution. Say goodbye to cash and EFT allowances, and gain full control over your driver's spending. Real-time transaction reporting ensures transparency and accountability.

Road Wallet

Empowering drivers on the road. Introducing Road Wallet, the exclusive online function that revolutionizes driver spending. Take control of on-road expenses without the need for cash or allowances. Enjoy real-time transaction reporting for seamless administration.

Route Planner

Optimise your journeys. Plan efficient routes with our advanced Route Planner, powered by data-driven algorithms. Maximise savings by reducing fuel consumption and travel time. Drive confidently with our real-time navigation

Automated Orders

Fuel management at your fingertips. Simplify fuel ordering with our mobile app. Schedule refuelling orders, select the best suppliers with competitive prices, and authorize refuelling effortlessly. Stay in the loop with real-time transaction tracking.

Data-Driven Decisions

Empower your drivers with the ability to access detailed analytics and insights on fuel efficiency, enabling them to take the most cost-effective routes and manage refuelling stops strategically. By harnessing data-driven strategies, drivers can maximize savings, minimize fuel consumption, and enhance overall operational efficiency.