TFN’s Cash option is ideal for transporters who prefer to pay for refuelling in cash. Benefit from streamlined refuelling management through our cloud-based software solution. Enjoy automated refuelling processes, eliminating the need for physical cards. Maximise cost savings with access to the best fuel prices available.


  • Simplify subcontractor management with our comprehensive solution.
  • Load all your subcontractors under one account for easy management.
  • Effortlessly manage subcontractors through our user-friendly platform.
  • Optimize fuel spending and maximize savings with data-driven decisions.
  • Access real-time analytics and insights to monitor and manage fuel expenses effectively.
  • Discover your best fuel prices and exclusive discounts tailored to your needs.
  • Benefit from our comprehensive network of diesel depots, ensuring reliable access to fuel wherever you are.
  • TFN Fuel Management System automates your refuelling process and optimizes routes.
  • Enjoy secure and convenient payment solutions with TFN Pay.
  • Road Wallet empowers drivers to control on-road expenses without the need for cash or allowances.
  • Automated Orders simplify fuel ordering with real-time transaction tracking.
  • Ensure secure transactions with validation and authorization of all diesel transactions at service points.
  • Manage non-fuel products and services through your TFN account.
  • Refuel2Save offers unbeatable pricing with fluctuating wholesale discounts.
  • Access dedicated 24/7 customer support for any refuelling queries or assistance.
  • Generate management reports and receive instant notifications for every transaction.


To sign up as a cash service provider, please provide your contact information, and our team will assist you in getting started.